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A simple solution to integrate medical devices with electronic health records

FLOW Technology Solutions suite of software delivers a rapid, reliable, and scalable interoperability solution for healthcare organizations. Putting all patient information at your fingertips, enabling you to focus on your patients instead of searching for the information you need to make vital decisions. Our suite of products provide healthcare organizations with advanced capabilities designed to help you seamlessly connect, manage, store, view, share and exchange healthcare data.

Some of our clients

Trusted by top healthcare providers

“FLOW consolidates multiple device results and transform into an easy to use user interface. FLOW representatives are very professional and knowledgeable. “
“FLOW has a very user friendly interface. The communication tool templates easily allows for changes on connectivity configurations.”
“No more manual printing. FLOW allows our clinic to directly connect into our EMR.”
“With it’s simplicity, ease of use and full automation to modality worklist, FLOW optimizes workflow for the hospital and saves the technologist’s time for other responsibilities.”

beyond simple data integration

Flow goes beyond simple data integration.

Fast Reporting

Electronic Health Record customized apps/workflows to provide a consolidated report quickly.
Staff can annotate and compose reports inside the Electronic Medial Record (EMR) using Flow’s deep integration with all aspects of the EMR. Staff can also use Flow’s simple user interface if preferred

Therapy Specific Workflows

Therapy specific workflows for each step of the diagnostic process.
After retrieving data, Flow guides staff to compose therapy specific reports to deliver a completed report to the Electronic medical record

Compliant Integration

Standards compliant health integration for medical devices
Integration is Bi-directional, reducing patient transcription errors.

Workflow Optimization

AI augmented workflow optimization to significantly minimize data entry. Flow’s AI models can pre-fill and flag reports by using clinical evidence and similar patient results, reducing errors and saving time


We simplified the process by including the key features as standard.


Web Dashboard

Displays an overview of all your interface connections. View each connection metrics in a simple display and configure interface connection details.

Alert & Notifications

Allows you to configure notifications that meet your tailored requirements. Ensure the right people are notified to initiate the necessary workflows

Data Encryption

Provides methods to help safeguard and protect electronic health information (ePHI) through the encryption of data, both while in transit and at rest.

Audit log

Enables the logging of accessed Protected Health Information.

User Roles & Permission

Improve security by assigning access rights to individuals based on their function and responsibilities.

Interface Connections

Bi-directional HL7 feed (Discrete Data & Lab Reports), process numerous data formats, data format conversion/mapping module.

Scalable to Business Growth

Dynamic connectivity of devices provide an easily scalable solution that is designed to match your business needs as you experience growth.


We simplified the process by including the key features as standard.

Save 35% of overhead

Flow medical device connectivity can save 35% of administrative overhead for each clinician

Reduce Errors by 50%

Medical device integration can reduce medical errors by 50%

Privacy Compliance

Privacy compliance (such as HIPPA, GDPR, etc) is simple through electronic automation of medical device data

Improve Patient Outcomes

Population health and advanced analytics is now possible to improve patient outcomes


Interoperability between your device and your clinics health information systems is likely one of the top requests from your customers.  The ability to connect can solve the following problems:

  1. Increase efficiency by reducing the manual data entry from and to the device and allow your customer to focus on improving patient outcomes rather than performing tedious and repetitive tasks
  2. Reduce transcription errors and the inherent liability and patient safety issues
  3. Reduce privacy breaches by securing the transfer of Protected Health Information (PHI) between the device and the customer’s health information systems.
  4. Help customers to comply with the requirements of HHS to provide patient’s with timely and electronic access to their health records
  5. Make your device competitive with the new wave of “Smart Devices” and “IoT devices” by providing a simple and user-friendly integration suite with no change to your existing device.

Despite the many benefits, interoperability can be challenging as it requires a large investment in a product development team capable of supporting the various environments in healthcare facilities, an understand of the ever evolving interoperability standards (HL7, DICOM, FHIR, etc.), the ability to implement privacy and security into the design and to leverage the best and unique workflows of each healthcare provider’s health information system. 

For this reason, interoperability has either required a large team to implement a custom product or costly customization and licensing of generic health integration engines (such as Orion, Cloverleaf). 

Finally Integration solutions do not allow for clinicians to add custom and useful observations to reports and require highly complex and costly customization to the EHR/EMR in addition to the integration connectivity.

Simplified. Optimized.

The Flow Technology solution simplifies this by providing a solution that is optimized for medical device connectivity and health information systems. The system is designed to quickly integrate with diagnostic devices and Health Information Systems, EMRs and EHRs in both directions with minimal setup and customization. 

The system can either be directly installed by the health care organization and configured centrally to interconnect all compatible devices or can be managed by our professional service group to quickly enable the appropriate connections. 

Flow is the only solution that also provides workflows and forms to allow clinicians to add observations either prior to the upload to the EHR/EMR or within the EHR/EMR.

Server-Based Solution

Unlike most outdated and expensive OEM products, the Flow Technology solution is a server-based solution which can integrate all medical devices in a clinic or chain of clinics with all Health Information/EMRs/EHRs and is designed to be remotely managed with a user-friendly web interface.  The solution is easy to update and is always up-to date when standards and medical device specifications change.  The solution is available either On-Premise or as a Software as A Service solution on either Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or the Google Cloud Platform.

Flow Technology Solution Suit of Software


DataWorks from FLOW Technology Solutions is a vendor neutral and cost-effective solution that eliminates integration complexities of healthcare organizations. DataWorks engine delivers a rapid, reliable, and scalable solution with efficient healthcare information exchange.


ImageWorks is a PACS/DICOM interface. ImageWorks converts images, documents, and video streams to DICOM format and imports them to the PACS.


MediWorks is specifically designed to improve document workflow allowing for efficient clinical staff that performs better and faster, all focused on providing the ultimate patient care experience.  Streamline daily clinic management with MediWorks. It puts all the tools they need right at your fingertips.  The robust software allows access of critical patient information and analyze your standard of care.

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